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BOECO Thermal Cycler TC-SQ

is a personal Thermal Cycler with compact structure and small footprint and a friendly user interface with big LCD display which gives reliable results for teaching and research laboratories.
The TC-SQ provides superior performance especially in the cooling and heating speed, temperature control accuracy and uniformity of the block.
Sample Capacity:24 x 0,2 ml, 8-strip, 24 x 0,2 ml plate
Temperature control range:+ 4 ~ +99 °C
Heating Rate (Max):? 5,0 °C /sec
Cooling Rate (Max):? 4,0 °C /sec
Block Temp. Uniformity:? 0,3 °C
Block Temp. Accuracy:? 0,3 °C
Temp. of Hot Lid:30°C - 110 °C
Adjustability of Hot Lid Press:Yes
Temp. Control Mode:Block or Tube
Display:320 x 240 LCD
Program Storage:100 files
Max. Segments5 segments
Max. Program Steps:16 steps
Max. Cycles:99 cycles
Size:297 (L) x 212 (W) x 200 (H) mm
Weight:3,2 kg
Interface:RS 232
Code Description
BOE 8085240 Thermal cycler TC-SQ, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz with sample block for 24 x 0,2 ml
BOE 8085241 Thermal cycler TC-SQ, 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz with sample block for 24 x 0,2 ml

Optional block:

Code Description
BOE 8085185 Sample Block for 18 x 0,5 ml


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