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Accessories for Dosing Pumps
The below KNF filters protect both pumps and other upstream instrumentation and hydraulic circuits against particulate, crystals and fibres which can impede optimum operation.
The use of PVDF and PEEK provides compatibility with a wide range of neutral, agressive and corrosive liquids, particularly those used in labora-tories such as acids, bases, solvents, alcohols and oils.

KNF 155872Footswitch Impuls
KNF 160473Wall fixture
KNF 160474Column fixture
KNF 165211In-Line Filter FS 25 TZ, Material PVDF Mesh 70 Ám, Max flow rate 250 ml/min
KNF 165213In-Line Filter FS 25 XZ, Material PEEK Mesh 35 Ám, Max flow rate 250 ml/min