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A personal Thermal Cycler with compact structure and small footprint
and a friendly user interface with colored 5,7 touch screen and a fixed
gradient block for 96 x 0,2 ml which gives reliable results for teaching and
research laboratories.

BOE 8089602Thermal cycler TC-TE, 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz with gradient sample block for 96 x 0,2 ml
Sample capacity:96 x 0,2 ml, 8-strip, 24 x 0,2 ml plate
Cooling technology:Peltier
Temperature control range:+ 4 ~ +99C
Heating speed of ramping:up to 4,0C /sec
Cooling speed of ramping :up to 4,0C /sec
Block temp. uniformity:≤ 0,3C
Block temp. accuracy:≤ 0,1C (55C) ≤ 0,2C ( ≥ 90C)
Display resolucion:0,1C
Temp. control mode:Block or Tube
Ramping rate adjustable:0,1C - 4C
Memories:250 typical programs (unlimited by USB)
Max. cycles:99 cycles for Nested PCR
Time up/down:0-9 min59s, suit for LongPCR
Temperature up/down:0,1 - 9,9C suit for TouchdownPCR
Soak function:Yes
Gradient range:30C ~ 105C
Temp. differential range:1C ~ 30C
Temp. of hot lid:30C -110 C (Temp. / pressure adjusted)
Size:335 (W) x 260 (D) x 270 (H) mm
Weight:8 kg
Interface:1 x USB
Power Suppply:100 - 240V, 50-60 Hz <= 600W