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liquid handling Liquid Handling laboratory equipment Laboratory Equipment optical Instruments Optical Instruments
Micropipettes, Pipette Tips,
Pipette Aids, Series Pipettor,
Dispenser, BottleTop Burette
Balances, Spectrophotometer,
Shaker & Stirrer, Heating Mantels,
Water Stills, Electrochemistry,
Binocular Microskopes,
Stereo Microscopes,
Monocular Microscopes,
Hand Refractometer,
Abbe Refractometer
laboratory glassware Laboratory Glassware laboratory plasticware Graduated Glassware density, temrerature, time measurement Jipo Porcelain
Bottles, Beakers,Flasks,Dishes,
Funnels, Disiccators, Pipettes
Haematology Glasware, Burettes
Pipettes, Pycnometer, Burettes,
Soxhlet Extractors, Bottles, Flasks,
Mixing Cylinder
Crucibkes, Funnels, Plates,
Dishes, Mortars
laboratory plasticware Laboratory Plasticware density, temrerature, time measurement Density, Temperature
and Time Measurement
filter paper Laboratory Filter Paper
Reusable Plasticware,
Disposable Plasticware
Hydrometers, Timer,
Digital Thermometers
quantitative filters, qualititative filters,
general purpose, glass microfibre
filters, cellulose extraction thimbles,
gridded membrane filters,
syringe filters