Your worldwide partner in the laboratory

Welcome to Boeco Germany

The family-owned company Boeckel + Co (GmbH + Co) KG was founded in 1929 and now exists in the third generation.

To our costumers in all 5 continents we are pleased to introduce our wich will demonstrate our complete line of laboratory equipment and articles. We offer high quality at competitive prices by a convenient and cost-effective one-stop supply.

Your worldwide partner in the laboratory

New Products

Boeco Tube Roller TR-6
Boeco Orbital Shaker Incubator ES-20/80
Boeco Compact CO2 Incubator S-BT
Boeco Magnetic Stirrer MSH 140, MSH 140 Digital
Boeco Overhead Stirrers OST-25 / OST-40
Boeco Micro UV-VIS Spectrophotometer models N-1 & N-1C

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